Odoo CRM Software Integration, Features and Modules for Modern Customers

  • Published : Sep,1,2023
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Odoo CRM Software Integration, Features and Modules for Modern Customers

You must have heard the adage ‘Customer is King.’ Is it still true in this fast-paced, tech-led digital era? Well, it is, more than ever! Today, customers do not have to write their complaints in a suggestion book and wait for days to be heard. There are several social media and digital media platforms that come to their aid. While you love to gather praise from customers, even a small mistake can have a snowball effect to ruin your brand’s image. Therefore, it is imperative to have a robust CRM tool that helps you maintain and nurture healthy and beneficial relations with your customers.

What is a Good CRM?

Do you ever wonder what makes a CRM solution worthy of your hard-earned money? In short, what is a good CRM? A robust CRM software solution must be agile, possess modern technological capabilities, and offer complete authority and operational capacity to enhance existing customer relationships and discover new opportunities. The Odoo CRM checks all the boxes. It is an open-source solution offering a wide range of business management applications under one roof. It consists of various modules, which can be integrated with one another. Odoo’s CRM tool is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses that are looking for a business management tool with advanced capabilities on a bootstrapped budget.

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Odoo CRM Modules

The Odoo CRM modules include:


No CRM solution is complete without the sales module. It consists of different capabilities that help the sales team to close deals faster. It also reduces the need for excessive data entry. The sales team can access vital data on the go through the mobility functionality.


This is another Odoo CRM module that assists the sales team in scoring and nurturing leads. They can also transfer prospect data using Odoo’s column matching tool. The leads module also has Odoo’s five call-to-actions and the a/b testing tool that optimises lead acquisition.


This module acts as a central repository of customer data. It comprises databases of customer information, past activities, address books, and different kinds of customer preferences such as delivery address, language, payment methods and more.


Odoo CRM makes reporting various data easy and effective. There are pre-built dashboards that help in opportunity analysis and lead analysis. You can also build your own dashboards. The CRM dashboard lets you see all the KPIs at a glance, whereas the cohort analysis helps you identify the changes in the KPIs over time.


Odoo integration module lets you integrate the CRM tool with modules within the solution as well as third-party platforms, such as POS, Google Docs, websites and E-commerce sites.

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Odoo CRM Features

The Odoo features make it an exceptional customer relationship management tool for MSMEs. While there are multiple well-known CRM solutions in the market, Odoo has a unique environment with advanced capabilities that streamline operations and support business growth. Seven noteworthy features of Odoo are:

Schedule Meeting

Opportunity is an Odoo module through which the sales personnel can directly book meetings with new leads and speed up the sales process. Prompt response from your end leaves a good impression on the potential client.

Detailed Dashboards

A new-age solution is incomplete without dashboards. The Odoo dashboards give you a clear overview of the ongoing and completed projects. Therefore, you have to keep track of all activities and workloads. Dashboards represent complex information more simply and legibly, which facilitates quick decision-making.

Sales Activity Tracker

The sales pipeline Kanban view lets you and your sales team track every stage of sales and resolve roadblocks without wasting time or resources. It also helps you identify helpful strategies that significantly contribute to closing sales, factors inhibiting sales activities and opportunities for training and upskilling.

Customised Alerts

This Odoo CRM capability helps the sales team stay on top of new leads. You can set custom alerts for leads based on different triggers. Odoo notifies you each time the desired action takes place.

Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity analysis is a vital growth-oriented business activity. Odoo CRM utilises advanced filters and groupings to narrow down the opportunities in the pipeline that are worth pursuing and can yield results.

Leads Promotion

Odoo lets you start an email marketing campaign by sending auto-generated emails to leads. You can assign one or two members of the sales team to follow up with the recipients and turn potential buyers into customers. It is one of the Odoo features that helps the software stand out in the crowd.

Identifying Priorities

Odoo prioritises crucial tasks and follow-up activities in the pipeline and enables the teams to meet their target without much deviation.

Why is Odoo CRM the Best Choice?

Although Odoo CRM shares a few identical functionalities with other CRM solutions, it is cost-effective and more user-friendly. Therefore, despite being a relatively new solution, it is becoming increasingly popular amongst small and mid-level business owners. From integration to customisation, Odoo goes above and beyond in enriching customer experiences and providing top-notch solutions in the CRM market. Among many, here are six benefits of Odoo CRM that make it the best choice:

Open Source Solution

When selecting a CRM, open-source solutions top the list. Since Odoo is one of them, there are no license fees. There are two editions: the community edition and the enterprise edition. While the first one is free of cost, the second one is an advanced level of the first version and is a cost-effective solution. It has several added benefits, such as customisation, integration, bug fixing and error management. A large number of developers work on open-source software and frequently release its improved versions.

Cloud ERP

Cloud solutions are an emerging trend in the CRM solution landscape. Odoo is a cloud-based CRM software that is accessed through the internet and does not have to be installed on-premise devices or servers. Companies do not have to maintain individual systems, can reduce operational costs and enjoy high data security.

Cost-Effective Software

Odoo CRM is a pocket-friendly solution since one of its editions can be downloaded and used without any cost. However, if you want to take advantage of the advanced features, you need to purchase the enterprise edition. However, its costs are low and are set considering the budgets of MSMEs.

Flexibility and Scalability

Small and mid-level businesses value flexibility and scalability in a CRM solution. Odoo CRM offers unparalleled flexibility, and the software can be adapted to match the unique business processes. Additionally, you can also scale the software seamlessly as your team and customer base expand.

User-Friendly Interface

Odoo CRM software is known for its user-friendly interface that teams can use without extensive training. Therefore, it reduces the MSME’s learning curve. It also has an intuitive interface, which enables the users to easily access customer interactions, sales pipelines and customer data. The simple UI plays a vital role in improving customer experiences and nurturing customer relationships.

Reporting and Analytics

Odoo CRM gives MSMEs access to accurate and deep actionable insights through visual data representation on dashboards. There are pre-built dashboards. However, you can make yours. Odoo CRM software provides real-time data analytics so you can track the KPIs, monitor sales activities, and measure the efficacy of marketing campaigns. It helps in determining bottlenecks and optimising various CRM activities.

Integrating the CRM Tools with Advanced Modules of Odoo

One of the prime benefits of using Odoo CRM software is its integration capabilities. Stand-alone systems cannot give you the desired insights. Third-party integration unlocks more information than ever. Odoo’s CRM tool can be integrated with the following Odoo ERP modules:


This is a user-friendly solution that saves several hours for the sales team. Once integrated, it collects data on new leads and generates sales orders. It makes the sales team more efficient and helps them stay on top of leads.

Marketing Applications

Marketing strategies are increasingly becoming customer-centric. Odoo CRM integration with the marketing module lets the solution collect insight into customer preferences and run data-driven campaigns.

Website & E-commerce

Website and e-commerce site visitors often convert into leads. Integrating these modules with Odoo CRM notifies you of the incoming clients. You can also set alerts that will be triggered by new activities on the website or e-commerce platform.

Point Of Sale(POS):

Retail businesses can largely benefit from the POS module and Odoo CRM integration. Such collaboration helps quickly collect customer data, identify the most loyal customers, increase sales by enhancing customer experiences, maintain the consistency of omnichannel marketing efforts, and create personalised marketing experiences for the customers.


No matter how much you spend on marketing, ultimately, customers are your company’s biggest influencers and brand ambassadors. From lead generation to post-sale services, today, the perimeter of customer relationship management has increased. Therefore, using CRM tools has become imperative. Odoo CRM software offers a plethora of facilities and functionalities that help companies across various domains realise their profit goals through well-planned CRM strategies.

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