Odoo ERP Pricing Model: Tailored for Diverse Business Needs

  • Published : Oct,31,2023
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Odoo ERP Pricing Model: Tailored for Diverse Business Needs

In today’s competitive era, a high-level of productivity is a basic business need. However, the cost component often holds back small and mid-level businesses. Launched in 2005, Odoo ERP is the perfect solution for all small businesses. It is an on-demand open ERP that has all business modules in one platform.

Instead of individual applications for each vertical like marketing, accounting, HR or CRM, Odoo has all the functionalities in one place, which means- companies no longer have to rely on expensive solutions or pay license fees for multiple tools. And thanks to the new Odoo ERP price, they can enjoy all the solutions at affordable rates!

In December 2022, Odoo launched its latest version, Odoo 12. During this time, it also revised the Odoo pricing model. The simplified pricing plan follows an uncomplicated and easy approach, i.e., one price for all apps. We are nearing the end of 2023; and we are awaiting further pricing-related updates from the brand. Nonetheless, let us see how the old and new customers benefit from the new scheme under Odoo 12.

What are the Three Plans Under the New Odoo Pricing Model?

The new Odoo ERP pricing plan is a comprehensive solution for all. Odoo has significantly lowered the entry barrier so new and small companies can enjoy the benefits of an ERP solution and grow their business.

In Odoo Standard and Odoo Custom models, you can use more than 70 apps for just one price. You do not have to worry about Odoo CRM pricing or any other apps.

One App Free Plan

Well, the name is self-explanatory. Under this scheme, you can only use one app for free out of the suite of applications. The plan allows you to have an unlimited number of users. This is a popular option amongst beginners as they can try a part of the solution before paying the Odoo ERP price. It lets the small and mid-level companies dip their feet first.

Standard Plan

This is the most convenient Odoo ERP pricing module for all companies. Here, you have to pay a monthly fee for each user. The monthly subscription price is £ 32.96. The price remains the same for one app, three apps or ten apps. Odoo offers flexible payment options to its users. Therefore, you can also choose to pay the entire fee at once as an annual payment. The amount will vary depending on the number of active users. The Standard plan allows you to onboard an unlimited number of users for all apps. Under this plan, you will also get hosting support, maintenance facilities, etc.

Custom Plan

Organisations that want a bespoke ERP solution or want to manage several companies on a single database usually opt for the custom plan. Odoo ERP price of the Custom model begins at £ 24.64 in the UK. The Custom plan differs from the Standard scheme, as it is designed to meet the needs of specific kinds of businesses, whereas the standard plan is more generic. This is available to on-premise Odoo ERP solutions or databases hosted on Odoo.sh.

How did the New Price Change Impact Existing Customers?

Believe it or not, the price change led to a price drop for customers with subscription-based plans. They were able to access all apps at the ongoing Odoo ERP price, and their bill amount was reduced during the next billing cycle. But what about those whose costs would increase due to the price change? Well, it did not. They continued to use the application at the current price.

Eventually, the subscription was moved to the new Odoo pricing model, where they could enjoy access to all apps at a lower rate. However, these changes were not applicable to Odoo Online customers since they pay a monthly fee. It could not get better than this! Needless to say, Odoo ERP pricing is the correct business management solution for every business.

What are Some of the Ongoing Costs for Odoo ERP?

After bearing the initial Odoo ERP price, you also have to consider some of the recurring costs. Here are three such components:

Subscription Cost

In Odoo, the monthly subscription cost is £ 32.96. Hence, based on the number of active users, the Odoo ERP price will vary for every company. An organisation with a team of 100 users will incur an annual cost of £ 39,556.80. At this price, you can use all Odoo apps.

Support and Maintenance

Although this cost will vary from vendor to vendor, you may require an estimated amount of £ 24,723. In the first year of use, various issues or new requirements may arise, which may be covered in this amount.


Odoo hosting services are an economical and smart choice. The charges for network infrastructure, server with supporting backup, etc., can cost anything between £ 2,472.30 to £ 4,944.60. You can also opt for an advanced Odoo hosting plan for an annual fee of £ 1,236.15.

What is the Cost of Odoo Implementation?

Odoo ERP can be implemented by an expert in-house tech team, which is essentially free of cost. Otherwise, you can also collaborate with experienced Odoo Implementation partners, such as Silver Touch Technologies. In this case, the price will vary. It is a smarter way to ensure successful implementation. There is also a third way, i.e., buying the Odoo Success Pack from the Odoo Vendor. It is a comprehensive service package that helps companies with Odoo ERP implementation, including onboarding, data transfer, integration, customisation, technical support, training, maintenance and more.

The Odoo ERP Price for Success Pack is as follows:

  • Basic: The Basic tier is available for 25 hours, and it is charged at £ 741.69.
  • Standard: The Standard tier costs £ 1,400.97 for 50 hours. This plan is ideal for importing data and high-level apps.
  • Custom: The Custom tier comes with an executive who will be available for 100 hours and assists in activities like customisation and data migration. It is priced at £ 2,637.12.
  • Pro: In the Pro tier, you get a dedicated Success consultant for 200 hours at £ 4,944.60.

Do you Need a Reliable Odoo Installation Partner for your Business?

While small businesses need a feature-packed ERP at affordable rates, it is also crucial to have a proficient ERP partner. Certified Odoo ERP partners like Silver Touch Technologies give mileage to the ERP implementation project. We offer end-to-end Odoo services, including implementation, maintenance, all-around support, training and more. Our Odoo ERP professionals have executed various Odoo projects across multiple business domains. Additionally, we have years of industry experience working with start-ups, and small and mid-level businesses on bootstrapped budgets. To start your journey towards high-level productivity, contact us today for an Odoo ERP price quotation.

FAQs: Odoo ERP Pricing

Yes. Since Odoo ERP pricing is flexible, it allows you to initially buy licenses for some users. Later, you are allowed to add more members as the organisation grows.

No, Odoo does not have a free plan. However, it has a One App Free plan, where users can use any one app within the Odoo ERP free of cost.

Odoo ERP price is only applicable for active users, i.e., employees who have access to the ERP. They are the paid users. A company is not billed for an inactive user, such as an ex-employee.