ERP System For Automotive Industry – Automotive ERP Software: Paving The Way For An Agile Industry

  • Published : Sep,19,2023
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ERP System For Automotive Industry – Automotive ERP Software: Paving The Way For An Agile Industry

The automotive industry is coming out of challenging times. As things are starting to look up, the future of the sector also looks promising. Globally, it is one of the largest industries in the world, significantly contributing to the economy and direct or indirect job generation. The industry is estimated to ascend to more than $115 billion by the end of 2025.

New and exciting innovations are steadily capturing a large market share. But like all other industries, the automotive industry is vulnerable to global headwinds such as global pandemics, energy crises, and more. Adopting an ERP solution in the automotive sector will prepare your business for the future and uncertain times.

What is ERP in the Automotive Industry?

ERP is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning system, an intelligent business management solution. Such software systems are equipped with built-in tools for enabling organizations to automate duplicative tasks, increase the efficiency of teams across all departments, and protect data.

An ERP system for the automotive industry is a similar type of software solution with capabilities that help automotive companies leverage advanced technological solutions and attain their goals. ERP for automotive has several functionalities for supporting companies in various essential tasks like inventory management, customer relationship management, accounting processes, and data compliance.

Challenges Faced by the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors yet the most complex one. It has more challenges than one can fathom. These challenges include, but are not limited to:

Vendor Management

Managing your suppliers can be arduous especially if there is a vast vendor base operating from different locations, Lack of communication and integration can lead to confusion, loss of resources and trust. Some of the major setbacks arising from vendor mismanagement are delays in the production process, customer dissatisfaction and unaccounted expenses.

Human Resource Management

Inefficient HR management processes shift the focus off strategic tasks and compel the higher management to deal with administrative tasks. Poor HR management can also lead to dissatisfaction among employees in turn hurting the company’s growth.

Quality Assurance

Quality is of top-most importance in the automotive industry. Neglecting regular quality checks and compliance can be disastrous for the company as well as its customers.

Inventory Management

The automotive industry has to deal with different kinds of inventory at different stages of the production process. Moreover, they have goods coming in from the ancillary sectors. Without a proper system in place, handling large volumes of goods is next to impossible and often leads to wastage of resources.
Data and document management: Manufacturers and dealers often struggle with scattered and missing documents and obsolete information. It causes significant delays in processes and hampers customer relations.

Need for ERP in the Automotive Industry

Navigating through the challenges of the industry is not easy. Having an ERP system for the automotive industry can help manufacturers overcome several roadblocks by leveraging accurate, up-to-date information and technology.

Increases Access to Real-Time Data

Access to real-time data is the foremost advantage of using an intelligent cloud-based ERP software solution. It enables the teams and stakeholders to take quick action. You can always stay updated on resource availability, manufacturing status, vendor management, employee engagement, and customer information.

In-built Tools for HRM and Accounting

An intelligent automotive ERP software recognises that accounting and human resource management are the building blocks of any organization and has dedicated tools for these business processes. It can help managers and team leaders determine gaps in the skills and knowledge of the employees, train them, and hire the right talent. Similarly, the accounting functionalities assist in managing the funds, cash flows, other assets, debtors, and creditors. They also accurately assess the company’s asset-liability positions.

Product Quality Management

Automotive companies can increase their profits by using an ERP that helps in advanced product management. From product lifecycle management and product scheduling to product quality management and performance tracking, ERP for the automotive sector is the solution for all product-related operations.

Better Inventory Management

You can also improve production and inventory management tasks with an ERP for automotive manufacturing. You can forget about overstocking or understocking inventory, shipment delays, and holding costs. The best ERP software solutions help create leaner operations and synchronized delivery of raw materials and other inventory.

Benefits to Expect from ERP Software in the Automotive Industry

Digital transformation has multiple benefits; adopting ERP, hence, promises outcomes that are beneficial in more than one aspect. The following six outcomes of the installation of automotive ERP software advocate the benefits of the business management tool.

Reduced Cost

It is true that the ERP for the automotive sector is expensive, but the benefits pay for itself. Data scattered in different systems can lead to huge losses since accurate information is not available to all teammates. Moreover, your company has to maintain different solutions. The ERP will bring all data on the same platform. Hence reducing the cost of maintaining two or more systems.

Higher ROI

Automotive ERP software not only reduces costs but also treats your company with higher ROIs. The streamlined processes, automated workflow and better collaboration significantly contribute to increased efficiency across the team and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management

In 2020, the global online car purchase market was valued at $237.93 billion. Experts estimate the figures will rise up to $722.79 billion by 2030 and the expected CAGR will be 12.2% between 2021 and 2030. As exciting as it may sound, automotive dealers and sellers are up against a new challenge. A business management tool such as an ERP for the automotive sector will put the sales and marketing teams at ease with quick and swift access to the huge volume of customer data and more. The ERP’s CRM functionalities will also help in identifying the best sales channels, forecasting trends, and optimising marketing.

Enhanced Productivity

As the ERP frees the employees from mundane tasks, they have time to focus on activities that actually drive value for the company. They can focus on growth strategies, and come up with creative ideas through enhanced collaboration.

Data Security

Data breaches are the worst nightmare of all businesses including the automotive sector. Data is a priceless asset today and company systems contain invaluable customer data. An ERP system for the automotive industry takes data security as its top priority and keeps your data safe and away from fraudsters.

Reporting Tools and Analytics

Automotive ERP software collects a large volume of data from different departments and uses modern analytics tools and methods to refine it. After a thorough analysis, it generates deep d insights and presents them in easy-to-understand, detailed reports. The reporting and analytics capabilities can come in handy for identifying the most efficient dealers and sales personnel as well as the most effective sales channels.

How will ERP Help the Automotive Industry?

Besides the benefits of the ERP, there are a few other ways in which it can help the automotive industry, including-

Smooth Communication and Collaboration

The automotive ERP solution will bring different teams at the company under one roof. Therefore, previously broken and delayed communication will be replaced with effective inter-departmental communication and collaboration. The sales, marketing, and CRM teams can work in sync to improve customer experiences.

Process Automation

The ERP software for the automotive industry helps companies eliminate tiresome business processes such as data entry and seamlessly automate tasks. Process automation is a vital step in creating an agile workforce. Also eliminates errors and stores accurate and up-to-date information.

Service Scheduling Tracker

In the automotive industry, making a sale is not the end of the chapter. Instead, it unfolds a series of related and post-sale activities such as follow-ups, maintenance services and more. Modern ERP for automotive manufacturing solutions has an in-built service scheduling tracker. This functionality comes in handy to schedule different post-sales services and quickly access the customer database.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Automotive businesses are subject to various strict regulations, particularly in the areas of safety and pollution. Through automotive ERP software implementation, your business can stay compliant, and you can simplify compliance efforts. Additionally, the software will enable you to adhere to the standards and monitor deviations. Finally, the ERP software for the automotive industry will help generate reports for regulatory agencies.

Which is the Best ERP for an Automotive Industry Business?

There are several ERPs for the automotive industry. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution that lends you the benefits of an advanced ERP at affordable rates, Odoo is the one-stop solution. It is a new-age solution that offers 360-degree solutions so you can have better control over different business processes such as vendor management, inventory management, customer relationship management and more. Odoo ERP system for the automotive industry smoothly manages business processes and significantly contributes to automating workflows.

The many modules of Odoo cater to various aspects of your business. You can also integrate Odoo with various third-party apps and experience exponential growth. Additionally, Odoo ERP software for the automotive industry offers flexibility, scalability and myriad customisation options- all of which drive the business towards desired success.

How Does Silver Touch Help You With an ERP for the Automobile Industry?

If you are planning to install automotive ERP software for your business, the ERP experts at Silver Touch Technologies are your guys. With 25+ years of experience, we have built a pool of talented professionals adept with different types of ERP services. Our ERP implementation process starts with understanding the nature of your business and identifying your business goals. We offer 360-degree services, including ERP selection, data migration, ERP implementation, customisation, consultation, employee training and more. Want to know more? Contact us today!


Obsolete systems, siloed data and broken communication can wreak havoc in an automotive business. Adopting intelligent cloud-based ERP software for the automotive industry allows you to satisfy growing customer demands, access accurate real-time data, and ensure superior product delivery every time. Hence, future-oriented players in the automotive industry are rapidly adopting ERP systems.