Odoo CRM in Maximising Sales and Customer Management

  • Published : Sep,4,2023
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Odoo CRM in Maximising Sales and Customer Management

[United Kingdom, 19 Sep. 2023]

Best Cloud ERP is a part of Silver Touch Technologies, a renowned ERP solutions provider, believes in spreading awareness about how companies can effectively manage their business operations. Having experience serving many global corporate clients across different industry sectors, Silver Touch Technologies is one of the most trustworthy ERP partners in the UK.

Odoo CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is one of the most robust and promising solutions that helps modern businesses thrive by managing processes related to sales and customer services. Silver Touch Technologies has arranged a webinar on the role of Odoo CRM in improving sales and customer service management. Its core objective is to show the importance and benefits of Odoo CRM in improving sales and customer management. 

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Mr. Lucas Pacheco, a renowned professional with demonstrated experience in the ERP system, will conduct this webinar, Mr. Pacheco has excellent expertise in consulting and implementing the ERP solutions in various enterprises. He speaks with an authentic voice about Odoo ERP features and benefits. Many companies have benefited from his insights into ERP systems to date. 

“It is necessary these days to show how Odoo CRM can manage complex and interrelated operations of customer services and sales effectively. Companies, irrespective of their scales and even the industry sectors in which they operate, can leverage the benefits of this amazing CRM system to grow their business. In this webinar, I will cover all the aspects of Odoo CRM that are necessary to improve sales management and enhance customer services. I would like to invite forward-looking entrepreneurs and startup owners to participate.” Mr. Pacheco mentioned. 

Most companies cope with intensifying competition and ever-changing challenges. In such a complex business scenario, Odoo CRM can work wonders by handling sales and customer service operations. The webinar on the role of Odoo CRM in these operations can cast more light on it. It is, therefore, advisable to join the webinar for all entrepreneurs who focus on growth.  

About Silver Touch Technologies

Silver Touch Technologies is ERP and CRM partner that helps businesses of all sizes leverage the power of advanced business solutions to simplify complexities and manage diverse processes. Headquartered in the UK, the company has expertise in Odoo ERP and offers the best-in-class consulting and implementation services.