Odoo’s Financial Reports Comparison Overview – A Detail Guide

  • Published : Mar,28,2023
  • By: David Smith
Odoo’s Financial Reports Comparison Overview – A Detail Guide


Odoo ERP is a powerful tool that allows the user to access an extensive list of financial reports. The most common types of reports that the user will access are Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements and Tax Reports. Each report has its own function within the business but they serve a similar purpose in terms of helping the user make decisions and manage their company.

Balance sheet comparison

Balance sheet comparison

The balance sheet is the financial statement that shows the assets of a company. The balance sheet should be compared with the previous year’s balance sheet to see how much money has been added to it over time, and how much has been taken away from it.

The profit & loss comparison graph shows revenue versus cost for each product or service your company provides. This can be used as an indicator of whether you’re making enough money on each item sold, and whether there are ways you could increase profits by lowering costs or increasing prices

Profit & loss comparison

In Odoo, you can perform a profit and loss comparison between two periods. The report shows the difference in profits between two periods, as well as the balance sheet of each period.

You can also compare the latest month’s financial figures with those from previous months or years by choosing “Comparison Type” in the drop-down menu at the top left of your screen:

Comparison type

  • Comparison type
  • The comparison period is the period of time for which you are comparing two or more financial reports. This can be a single day, month, quarter, or year.
  • Comparison period

Odoo’s Financial Reports comparison overview

If you’re looking for an overview of Odoo’s financial reports, this is the place to start. Here we’ll compare the most popular types of reports and show you how they work together.

We’ll start with a balance sheet comparison, which shows how much money your company has at any given time by comparing its assets against its liabilities (including debt). It may sound boring but it’s actually really important: if your business doesn’t have enough cash in its bank account then it could run out of money before paying all its bills!

Next up is profit & loss (P&L), also known as income statement or earnings report. This report shows how much money went into or out of your company over a period of time such as a month or quarter – so if sales go up then this will impact both revenue and expenses accordingly


In conclusion, Odoo’s Financial Reports comparison overview is a good way to compare your company’s finances with other companies. The reports are easy to use and understand, plus you can get them in a matter of minutes with just one click!