How to Make Quotation in Odoo: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Published : Apr,11,2023
  • By: David Smith
How to Make Quotation in Odoo: A Step-by-Step Guide


The Odoo ERP solution helps you to manage your business process at a centralized place. It manages all the information and sales history in one place. The quotations in Odoo are created for one customer, and it has all the details about products, services, payment methods and discounts. In this tutorial, we will cover how to create quotations quickly with no error even if you are a beginner user of Odoo ERP solution.

Creating a Quotation in Odoo

Create a quotation for the customer by selecting “Create” from the Customers menu, then clicking on Quotations.

You’ll be presented with an empty quotation form. The first field you need to fill in is the customer name; if you haven’t yet created any customers, click on New Customer and fill out their details as prompted (which we’ll cover in more detail below). Next, select which entity will purchase this product or service–if it’s just one person then choose Individual or Company; if it’s an entire company then select Corporation or Partnership instead. Finally set up your products so that Odoo knows which ones are being quoted here (we’ll cover how later).

Select how much each item costs by entering its price into one of these fields: “Base Price”, “Taxable Base Price”, “Total Taxable Amount”. You can also add discounts here if applicable–for example, if someone buys multiple items at once then give them 10% off each item! If there are any additional costs associated with this transaction such as shipping charges then enter those too into their respective fields.”

Create Sales Document

To create a sales document, follow these steps:

  • Select the customer, entity and product.
  • Set the price.
  • Set the discount or tax.

Selection of Customer, Entity, and Product

  • Customer: The customer is the company or person who buys products and services from your company.
  • Entity: An entity is a product, service, or job that you sell to customers.
  • Product: A product represents an item of inventory that can be sold on the market (for example, a car).

Price calculation

  • Price calculation
  • Discounts and taxes
  • Upselling and cross-selling of products or services, including electronic signature

Upselling, Discounts and Taxes

Upselling is the practice of selling a more expensive product to a customer. In Odoo, you can do this by adding an upsell line item and setting its price higher than that of your main product.

Discounts are reductions in the price of goods or services. You can offer discounts on quotations by adding discount lines to them, which will then be applied to any invoices generated from these quotations (more on this below).

Taxes are charges levied on goods and services by governments that require businesses to pay tax before they can sell their products. Taxes are often calculated as a percentage of each sale’s value; for example, if you have $100 worth of taxable sales during one month then 10% tax would mean paying $10 in taxes at month end (or some other predetermined date).

Create Invoices from Quotations

If you’re selling something, it’s likely that someone is going to ask for a quote first. They may be doing this because they want to make sure the product is what they need and that it fits into their budget before making any purchases.

If your company uses Odoo CRM Systems (as most do), then there are several ways you can create invoices from quotations:

  • Create an invoice from a quotation using the Create Invoices button on the main menu bar at top right corner of your screen in sales orders section.
  • Create an invoice from a sales order using “Create Invoice” button on Sales Order page itself or by clicking on “Create Invoices” button at top right corner of the screen in sales order section;

You can create quotations quickly in Odoo without any errors.

You can create quotations quickly in Odoo without any errors.

Odoo is an open-source ERP software that allows you to manage your business easily, efficiently and effectively. It has many modules that help you manage different aspects of your business such as sales, purchasing, inventory management etc., but one of the most important parts of Odoo is the Quotation Management module which allows you to create quotations quickly without any errors


We hope that you can now create quotations in Odoo without any errors.